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We specialize in tickets, accidents, DUIs, new license or no license.

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House fires, flash floods, break-ins - no matter what it is, or what you need, we can cover it for you.

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Motorcycle Insurance

We have all the coverage that you need for your bike, guest passenger liability, custom parts and equipment, or total loss coverage.

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How It Works

Construct Your Profile

Before you can start applying for an insurance plan in San Diego or anywhere in California for that matter, it’s important that we get to know more about you, and the current financial situation you have with your car to really provide you with the best insurance policy quote

Get Affordable Auto Insurance Rates

Compare Insurance Providers

Not all insurance providers will show you their plan rates right away, our site will show the best insurance quotes and prices that directly match with your insurance profile regardles of your needs. We can help you with car insurance in San Diego, California, motorcycle insurance in California, home insurance, SR22 Insurance in CA and military insurance

Connect You With Licensed Agents

Once your insurance plan is selected, we will connect you with a licensed insurance agent who you can chat with, either online, or on the phone, and we will help you find the best insurance plan that will help you get the most out of your savings for your car


Why Pay Low Insurance

Save Money

Our insurance policies will help you save money, and avoid headaches at the same time so you can get back on the road. No one wants to waste their time haggling with insurance agents that don't know what they're talking about. Through our website you'll get access to insurance policy rates instantly

Save Time

You can talk to an insurance agent from the safety of your own home, and settle on a plan in a matter of minutes. If you're local in San Diego you can also visit our office, if you're not local but you're in California we'll connect with you on the phone to be sure you're getting the best auto insurance rates possible.

Find The Policy You Need

We’ll help you find the best insurance policy that fits both your needs and income. Get started with us, the best San Diego auto insurance providers, so you can get back to your life and do what really matters.

Who We Are

Car Insurance San Diego

Planning for your future can be complicated, you never really know what’s gonna happen next and there’s always going to be the unexpected. Which is why here at Pay Low Insurance we want to help you be ready for all of life’s unexpected surprises.

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