What’s the best car insurance for under 25?

Car insurance companies normally discriminate younger drivers who’re below 25 years old. The have shown that the drivers who are in this age are likely to be involved in accidents, and the insurance companies charge higher rates to them. This becomes the worst time to someone’s life to pay higher insurance rates since they cannot pay such money. There is need to find the insurance company which can defend their case. Whether you’re looking for SR22 Insurance in California, Motorcycle Insurance, Military Car Insurance or Car Insurance in San Diego. Here is the best car insurance for under 25.

The Best Car Insurance Providers for Anyone Under 25


This car insurance is located in Erie, Pennsylvania. It is the best cheapest car insurance company for under 25 in the nation. Average yearly car insurance rate which the drivers pays is $1,052. The downside which Erie car insurance has is being available in nine states. But if you are fortunate to be in any of these states then you can find the insurance rates which are around 20% to 40%. This is cheaper than what other bigger companies offer.


This is the 2rd biggest insurance company located in the U.S., and the 2rd cheapest company also. The average yearly cost of the insurance is $1,067. This car insurance is available in almost every state, with some of them having special discounts for the younger drivers who passed successfully the driver training classes and get best grades in class.

American Family

This is the best car insurance for under 25 which is located to around one thousand cities all over the U.S. which have auto American Family insurance. Under 25 drivers have found the rates with the American Family being between 10% and 30% cheaper than average for the state. Average annual cost for the American Family is about $1,099.

Auto Owners

In spite of being in 26 states where not many people are conversant about the car insurance for under 25. The average yearly cost for the car insurance with their owners is about $1,201. Who are students in the driving class can earn the discount with them.