SR22 Insurance Without a Car

Do You Need SR22 Insurance If You Don’t Own a Vehicle?

Some states make it a must for drivers to own an SR22. The question is, Do I need an SR22 even if I don’t own a car? Why do I need an SR22 anyway? How can I get an SR22 without owning a car? What are the insurance companies who would help me out with this situation? What company should I choose and why? Well, to get your answers, let’s jump right into the article.

What is SR22 Insurance?

An SR22 is a document that a person files with the state to show his auto liability. This is not insurance, and this document is required to ensure that you have financial coverage over the car.

The state requires every person who knows how to drive to file for an sr22 document. There are some requirements under which a person needs to file an SR22 with the insurance. Let us review some of these:

  • Sometimes the driver may have consumed alcohol, drugs, or medicine that induces sedation. Driving under this condition becomes extremely dangerous. It is because the driver is not entirely in his senses and becomes a reckless driver. No matter the quantity that he took, it indeed affects the brain of a person. The driver can become unconscious, and it can result in a severe accident. 
  • The driver may not follow traffic regulations and get himself and people around him in trouble.
  • The driver can get into a car crash with no car insurance.
  • The driver may drive a car with a suspended license

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Non Car Owner Policy

Sometimes the people who do not own a car are required to have an SR22. The reason may be:

  • The state may have ordered them to get themselves an SR22 after reviewing their previous driving records.
  • People who want to rent a car or need to drive someone else’s car, are asked to bring proof of an SR22 policy
  • High-Risk infraction drivers.

Why You Need an SR22

SR22 is not a punishment or a burden, and it is for your safety. Unfortunate incidents can occur anywhere, and you cannot opt for coverage at that time. You will be held responsible for all the damage. If you have lost your license or the state suspended your license, you still need an SR22. So it is recommended to contact an agent and talk about your situation and help file an SR22.

Non-owner SR22 Insurance Policy Eligibility Criteria

There is a very strict SR22 policy to get cheap SR22 insurance for a non-owner. The insurance company sets strict rules so that there are rare chances of any trouble. Now, if I went to a company and asked them about their policy, the primary criteria for me to become eligible for non-owner SR22 would be:

  • I have to show proof that I do not own an automobile.
  • I do not have any access to other cars in my home or near me.
  • I am a high-risk infraction driver.

Signing the SR22

These conditions can, at last, keep other people around me and myself safe from any unfortunate mishap. If there was an extreme emergency in my home and a family member is in severe life-threatening conditions, and there is no other person available to take her/him to the hospital. In that situation, I have to drive the car and take my family member to the hospital on time. So in this case, my SR22 will help me out.

Duration Of The Contract

The duration of this contract is from 3 years to 5 years. It would help if you renewed this contract as soon as it ends. That is because the insurance company dealing with your non-owner SR22 is directly in contact with the state. As soon as your contract ends, he immediately tells the state about it. So if you get into an accident without renewing your contract, your agent won’t be able to help. It is crucial to maintain continuous coverage.

The Coverage Of Non-vehicle owner SR22

The coverage depends on the type of my insurance policy. There are several SR22 insurance quotes and options you should talk to your agent to see what is best for you. The primary coverage may include:

  • Liability of body injuries.
  • Liability of damage of property.

The coverage policy is different in different states. Some states provide more coverage as well as:

  • Payment of medical bills.
  • The bodily injury of the underinsured motorist.
  • The body injury of the motorist who is not insured at all.

Things Not Covered By This Policy

This policy covers fundamental things. If I got into a car accident, it would cover my body injuries, but it would not cover the damage to the driving car. Similarly, If I have a car in my home owned by my family members and damage that car, this policy won’t cover that damage.

The Best Place To Get A Non-owner SR22 

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